Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Why Certification ?

Certification provides objective verification of employees’ skills and demonstrates their competency to a recognised standard. Certification offers the following benefits:

  • Defines the set of skills that employees need to be effective
  • Provides a means to assess workforce skills and build a training plan
  • Proves employees have the skills to carry out their work competently
  • Offers a clear measure of the return on investment in training
  • Acts as motivation for employees to complete the training


ECDL / ICDL is the international standard in end-user computer skills. It is a high-quality, internationally recognised certification designed, validated, and approved by academic and international experts from around the world.

ECDL Foundation has successfully delivered certification programmes to 10 million people throughout 148 countries, in 41 languages.

ECDL Foundation’s certifications are:

  • Internationally recognised
  • Implemented according to strict quality assurance standards
  • Suitable for all skills levels – view our range of certification programmes
  • Up-to-date, relevant and in line with market needs and technological advancements
  • Vendor neutral
  • Supported by a range of training options and materials, suited to the training needs/schedule of the candidate

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an umbrella concept that combines all business contributions to the economy, society, and to the environment. It involves voluntary initiatives from companies which go beyond the legal requirements of corporate responsibility. It is of direct benefit both to the companies and employers that participate in CSR schemes, and the individuals and communities positively affected by them. Digital literacy initiatives in CSR are having an increasingly positive impact globally.

Read the ECDL Foundation Information Sheet on CSR in digital literacy.

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