Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

ICDL Advanced

The ICDL Advanced modules give candidates the opportunity to be certified at an ‘expert level’ in the use of the specific application type, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software. Prospective candidates should ideally have the ICDL certification and/or previous experience using computers and common software applications.

Each ICDL Advanced module is a stand-alone certification. An ICDL Advanced certificate (e.g. ICDL Advanced Word Processing) is awarded to candidates who pass each specific module test.

Each module typically requires 30 hours of training prior to testing, although candidates may forego training if they wish, assuming they already have advanced-level skills. Each module is assessed by a one-hour test.

Expert Certification
Candidates who successfully complete all four ICDL Advanced modules are awarded the ICDL Expert certification, which signifies expert-level computer competence in all four applications.

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