Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

How does it work ?

People typically begin the ICDL certification process through enrolling in a training course. They may do this in a personal capacity or as part of their training requirement as, for example, an employee of an organization. Often the training course may take place within an approved test centre; however in many cases training and testing for ICDL may take place in different locations.

Certification Process

In order to register for ICDL testing, each candidate must obtain an ICDL Skills Card from an approved test center . The skills card is the document which records the individual’s registration, and which is updated by the approved test center as candidates pass the exam in each ICDL module.

Once all the exams have been successfully completed and the skills card is complete, the approved test center returns the skills card to the “Libyan Quality Assurance Systems” who will then issue the certificate to the candidate. An ICDL certificate is awarded to candidates who complete 7 modules – an ICDL Start certificate will be awarded upon completion of 4 modules.

ICDL testing can only be taken at an approved test center. L.Q.A.S is responsible for approving test centers and auditing them on a regular basis to ensure they meet ICDL GCC Foundation’s quality assurance standards.

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