Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Libyan Quality Assurance Systems

Government of Jordan Seeks to Improve National Digital Literacy Levels Through Increased Access to ICDL

The government is planning to implement a series of initiatives to provide Jordanians with the opportunity to obtain ICDL certification, a senior official said at a seminar, Tuesday, 10 April.

“The government is keen on fostering the culture of computers and educating the citizens on the use of computers as part of its vision to integrate ICT into society,” Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Mr. Bassem Roussan, said at a seminar on Tuesday to launch two additional ICDL modules in Jordan: ICDL Module 9 – Image Editing, and ICDL Module 12 – IT Security.

The government also intends to go ahead with initiatives to enable civil servants to obtain the certification by providing them with advanced training.

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